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Membership FAQ

How do I join?
Joining SMA is easy. Simply visit the Membership section of our website to learn about the benefits of being an SMA Member and to fill out your online membership application. You can pay by credit card or Paypal (preferred), or mail us a check.  

I’m not sure if I or my organization is already a member, how do I find out?
Contact our Membership Coordinator at and we can let you know what your membership status is.

Why do I need an email address as a member?
Our membership system uses an email address as the unique identifier for each member (whether they are an Individual member of part of an Organizational membership). Each person has unique login information (email and password), which ensures the privacy of our different members. Using this secure login our members can access the many membership benefits available on our website such as past issues of our newsletter SMAllTalk or past conference materials and recordings.

How do I access my profile?
You can always access your profile by first logging in to the SMA website. Then you can click on your name in the top right corner of the website, which will take you to your member profile. Here you can update your contact information, adjust privacy & email settings, and renew your membership among other things.

What is a Bundle Administrator?
The Bundle Administrator is the main contact person for an Organizational Membership. The Administrator serves as the main contact person for the membership, receives renewal notifications, and can add additional individuals to the organization’s membership (like volunteers and staff). If you ever need to change the administrator on your account or want to know who the members associated with the account are, email our Membership Coordinator at

What is a Bundle Member? 
Bundle Member is what our system calls addition people that are part of an Organizational membership besides the Bundle Administrator. There is no difference in benefits, however only the Bundle Administrator can add additional people to the membership.

How many people can we add to our Organizational Membership?
While there is no limit to the number of people you can add to the membership, we ask that you only add those individuals who will take advantage of the member benefits such as the resources available on the website. Adding additional individuals to the organization’s membership can only be done by the accounts administer, to add them you will need at least a name and email address for each person.

Can’t find an answer to the membership question you have? You can always contact our Membership Coordinator at The Small Museum Association is all volunteer run and we apologize for any delay in a response.

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