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Board Nominations

The Small Museum Association is always seeking qualified board candidates.

In the past, SMA has selected new trustees from its membership and conference attendee pool, asking current board members to recommend qualified candidates. We have now moved to a more open process, allowing interested candidates to nominate themselves. In doing so, we hope to welcome new board members who will share the can-do attitude that has always fueled the Association’s work while bringing new perspectives to its leadership.


Board members should have substantive experience working for and/or with small museums. This can be paid experience (staff or consultant) or service as a board member or volunteer. Other professional skills and knowledge, such as legal or financial expertise, may also be deemed relevant.   

While SMA has historically been rooted in the mid-Atlantic region, we would happily welcome board members from outside that area who are willing to meet the expectations below.


SMA board members are asked to:  

  • Attend the annual conference in February, at which a board meeting is held  
  • Attend an annual retreat (usually held in October, location varies, virtual attendance is available)
  • Participate in two conference calls per year (in June and December)
  • Serve on a permanent or ad-hoc board committee if needed
  • Use their networks to promote SMA’s annual conference to potential attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors

We understand that attendance may be affected by other obligations and accommodate requests to attend in-person meetings via conference call if necessary.

Selection Process

Candidates must submit their completed application by November 15. The Committee will select candidates and notify them of their selection by the end of December. The candidates will attend the annual Conference in February, where their candidacy will be formally voted on by the SMA membership. 

To Apply

Submit the application linked to below and email your resume or CV along with a reference contact to

Check Back Soon for the Application

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